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Are you ready for the most Tender milka ever?

Milka Alpine Milk Package

More chocolatey taste and with smoother and rounder shapes for an even creamier melt.

What makes Milka
chocolate unique?

Milka continues to use only high quality, carefully selected ingredients to guarantee the unique tenderness of the 100% alpine milk chocolate we all love and appreciate.

100% Milka cocoa is sustainably sourced through the Cocoa Life Program, empowering the people that grow cocoa and the planet around us, whilst enabling farmers to prosper. Find out more about the Cocoa Life program.

New rounder and smoother shape

The new Milka bar has a fresh new look, moving from a square to a more rounded mould, all for delivering a smoother eating experience. As well as evolving the shape. There is even a very special piece featuring Lila, our Milka cow and giving her the star appearance on the chocolate itself for the first time.

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